Hong Kong SoHo


Yes SoHo is in Hong Kong and more info is there to come.

士丹頓街 = Staunton Street Staunton Street

卅間 Sam Sap Kan
士丹頓街 卅間 Staunton Street Sam Sap Kan

Hong Kong SoHo bar
Staunton Street 士丹頓街 卅間

Hong Kong SoHo

SoHo 香港
Staunton Street 香港 Staunton Street SoHo

Hong Kong SoHo
士丹頓街 香港 Staunton Street SoHo
卅間 香港 Sam Sap Kan SoHo

Hong Kong SoHo

Hong Kong SoHo

香港 HK as the short for Hong Kong
Hence 香港 香港 is SoHo Hk
and 中環蘇豪區 香港 香港 Staunton Street SoHo Hk

SoHo Restaurant and Bar

SoHo in Chinese is written 蘇豪 and also 荷南 and 荷南美食區 but also more formally 中環蘇豪區

Hong Kong Restaurant SoHo

Meaning the district in Hong Kong is an entertainment zone located in Central and bordering Sheung Wan, within Central. The name is derived from its location: South of Hollywood Road, and it arguably extends up to and including Robinson Road.

Hong Kong SoHo

蘇豪 香港
荷南 香港
荷南美食區 香港

中環蘇豪區 香港Hong Kong SoHo

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